Dmitry Balashov

Author: Mock Webware |

Joe and his team were referred to us by a friend and they exceeded all expectations. In what turned out to be an 11-month journey from "I think we want to start looking for a house soon" to "I guess we might only be able to afford a condo" to "what if we bought in the cottage country instead and worked remotely?" to "I guess we'll go after a house in Toronto after all!" - Joe stuck by us and patiently answered questions, recalculated eligibility scenarios and imparted quality advice on all matter of home ownership-related issues. Every time I emailed or called (which happened to be mostly on the weekend or after hours) Joe responded within an hour. As I found out later, he's a former elite-level pro athlete, and the discipline, rigor and follow-through have certainly showed. When it came to actually negotiating a mortgage, Joe displayed creativity and flexibility, while remaining realistic and always ensuring we saw the big picture behind the small print. We ended up with a very competitively priced product from a reputable lender.

When a clerical error mid-process on the lender's side left us thinking that we were getting an even better rate than we originally expected, Joe actually went back to the lender and got them to honour that (better) rate for us! This was not necessary or expected - but the guy said he'd do it and he got it done. In doing so, he turned what could have easily been a miserable experience, into one that was personally enriching and educational.

You will not regret bringing your business to these guys.