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From day 1, Carmelo had Adam and my best interest. His exceptional customer service and extensive knowledge not only made the process for us easy, but actually enjoyable.
He ensured we received an amazing rate and fought hard for our financial dreams to become that of a reality. Which we thought was unattainable. To add, he was also available 24/7 and answered all our questions in great detail which is very important. Thanks to Carmelo, we have our dream home and we did it as cost effective as possible.

In Carmelo’s profession, it’s hard to find someone who you can trust and feel comfortable with. Right off the bat he made a point to gain our trust and for that, he has our respect and appreciation.

He is amazing at what he does and Adam and I will be sure to recommend him to others in the future.

Thank you again, Carmelo. You are truly in the perfect role for you. Keep on making other people’s dreams come to life!