Anita Faita

Mortgage Broker in Toronto, Ontario

Anita Faita

Mortgage Broker
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T: (416) 559-0607

  • Mortgage Specialist Toronto
  • Silver Award 2020




I am a resourceful and results oriented Mortgage Broker offering people options for their mortgage needs. With access to several competing lenders, I also specialize in non-traditional financing for people who are new to Canada, self-employed and have bruised credit.

I am passionate about walking clients through the entire process and helping to secure financing tailored to their needs.

Kind Words From My Clients

  • "Anita was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I was happy to have her help us navigate the process. Would absolutely recommend her."

  • "Anita is very professional and she's extremely devoted to her clients. Overall we had a great experience while working with her. We will truly recommend her. Don't just take our word for it. CALL her and find out for yourself you will not regret it.❤ "

  • "Anita was able to secure us the best rate for our new mortgage. She was thorough, efficient and always available to answer any questions we had. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a new mortgage or a mortgage renewal."

  • "Anita has such a warm, caring and professional personality. She always puts her clients' needs first. She is always available to help with anything, and she gives great professional advice when applying for a mortgage. She will not only try every possibility she can for you, but she is also willing to learn and educate herself on anything in order to meet your needs as a client. I couldn't think of a better person to have in helping me find a mortgage!"

  • "Anita is very professional, she will get you approved and get you a great rate with a good lender. She works with the best realtors and real estate lawyers around. She can even take care of the most difficult customer, and listen to their needs. Thanks, you've even made getting my father into a new home into a reality. Couldn't have done it without you."

  • "Thank you so much for all the help & guidance Anita. I can’t believe that the whole process was so smooth & hassle-free. I didn’t have to travel anywhere, didn’t need to see anyone, everything happened over phone & through emails. And thank you again for patiently answering all our queries as we didn’t know anything about the mortgage process. Anita is Friendly, Highly recommended, knowledgeable, patient, helpful, one stop shop & the list goes on.... "

  • "I had a great experience working with Anita. She found us a great rate and we were on a very tight timeline with getting our finances set up for the purchase of our home. She was on top of every single thing that needed to be done and kept us informed along the way. I loved that we didn't have to leave the house or set up any meetings with banks. I could text, call or email her with questions and she got back to us no matter what time of the day it was. All the paperwork was sent seamlessly to us to fill out and it was so convenient and easy to get our application submitted. I would recommend her to any of my family or friends looking to buy or refinance their mortgage. Using her services was 10x easier than any mortgage application and set up we have done previously through a bank on our own."

  • “Anita was able to help me find a mortgage when I did not think I would qualify. I was expecting a high interest rate but even that was good. She truly cares about her clients. I cannot think of anything she did that I thought was unfair or incorrect. Helpful in the stressful times when working, packing and looking for a home all happen fast. I have and would most definitely pass her information along and tell anyone considering her to get in touch with her sooner then later. You may be surprised at what is available to you from a qualified mortgage agent like Anita. Thanks Anita!”

  • “Anita guided me in the process of my first out of country house purchase. I found her to be knowledgeable and client focused. Anita set realistic expectations with me about what was possible in Canada. She was extremely diligent in ensuring I had the right documents delivered the first time in order to speed the process. She worked with multiple banks to get me the best rate possible for my situation. I was very pleasantly surprised when she delivered a rate lower than either of us thought was possible for me. Anita is an asset to her business and one of the best to have working on your behalf in purchasing a home or an investment property.”

  • “I never thought buying a home would be easy and you don’t really know what it’s like until you decide to do it. Being a first-time home buyer, I found the experience very informative in many different ways, the key thing for me was my Mortgage Agent. I’m not sure if all agents operate as such but having an agent that loves and takes pride in not just what they do but also helping people is very important. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest purchases I’ve ever made so the decision about it was nerve racking. The help and support provided by my agent Anita settled my mind to make a sound decision. Anita has a systematic process in which she provides help and support that takes the complications out of buying a home. Anita goes over and beyond to make sure that everything is understood and why it’s required. For instances where there was unseen setbacks, Anita’s help and support never shifted, she put herself in the position as if she’s buying the home and never steers you in the wrong direction.”

  • “Anita has gone above and beyond to ensure an easy and seamless transition in my refinance mortgage process. Her level of professionalism and prompt response but most importantly her sense of ownership and dedication to the process was second to none. I highly recommend Anita for all your Mortgage needs and I look forward to working with her again!”

  • “Anita provided a warm, friendly and professional service in addressing my mortgage needs. She gave me that sense of comfort in that she will address your needs as if it was her own.”

  • “Dealing with Anita is such a delight. She explored all options to help me find the best fit for my situation. In my unique case as a small business owner looking for fair and flexible options, Anita dug deep to customize and deliver. Now I know each time I have a need in the future, I’ll be coming back to her. I now consider her a friend and confidant. Thank you for going above and beyond, I sincerely appreciate it!”

  • “Anita offered first class service and went the extra mile to ensure I was satisfied. She is honest and transparent and ensured that I understood all my options. As a first time home buyer, I trusted her insight and judgement totally and the results were excellent! Thanks Anita!”

  • “Anita helped me refinance my home with great ease. She guided me through the entire process and made it stress free. Anita did an outstanding job with communicating and helping me understand all the options that were presented. She is clearly an experienced and passionate Mortgage Agent; I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side during the whole mortgage process!”

  • “Anita was absolutely a PLEASURE to work with on some refinancing mortgages! Professional at all times with immediate call backs when asking about my application(s)! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you Anita!”

  • “My wife and I bought our first house recently. With the intelligence, knowledge, and compassion from Anita, my wife and I experienced a smooth transition into our first home. Anita is a down to Earth person and she will work to get you the house you are looking for. I highly recommend Anita to be your mortgage agent.”

  • "Anita is a genuinely caring professional who looks after her clients in all aspects. At all times, we got the feeling that she is an overall good person. Our transaction with her was an eye-opener in getting to understand the market and its various options. She is very detailed in her work, responsive and extremely well informed. Throughout the process, she was always advising us and patiently explaining all the related information. She did not hide anything from us; she was like an open encyclopedia on the subject. If you are looking for a very smooth process, top-tier expertise and exceptional service, she’s the one, we highly recommend her. Thank you, Anita."

  • "Anita is an amazing person. She is very professional, honest and extremely knowledgeable. She always put her clients best interests first. She is awesome at getting the best rates on mortgages. She cares alot for her clients and is always trying to educate them. I will highly recommend her to all my friends and family members looking to get the best rates."

  • "Was truly impressed by the time spent collecting information from me, time spent answering my questions and concerns. Anita was truly engaged and invested in me finding the right home, she helped me be prepared with my numbers and my offers, meaning how high to go etc. I truly appreciated how available she was, if I needed her to run my numbers again to ensure I stayed on track. Every step of this process she remained involved and present with me, that was so needed and very much appreciated. Anita is A+ at what she does. Even with all the different emotions that I was experiencing she remained professional and very supportive. Anita you’re truly amazing at what you do, I cannot thank you enough for a job well done. I would work with you anytime without hesitation and highly recommend your services."

  • "Anita and her team went above and beyond their duties to ensure that we closed on our mortgage. We knew getting into the transaction that it was going to be challenging because of a new job situation and hard to prove self employment income. Anita is simply amazing and we highly recommend her services. Thank you Anita! You rock!!!"

  • "Anita provided excellent professional service and advice. We were very pleased with her quality of work and would gladly recommend her."

  • "Professional and Personable, Anita was very helpful with my mortgage needs. Thorough with details, communicating every option, Anita exceeded my expectations of a Mortgage Agent and highly recommended. Thank you so much for your guidance and making the process go smoothly!"

  • Cannot recommend Anita enough! Anita was extremely professional and helpful when shopping for mortgage rates. Utilizing her knowledge and expertise, she helped guide me through the process with no hiccups or questions left unanswered, and a great rate on-top of that! I strongly urge anyone who is shopping for mortgages to give Anita a call!

  • Very experienced and knowledgeable!! Anita recently completed a rental property refinance that included overcoming several roadblocks. Her knowledge of her field, her negotiating skills, and her superb customer service were noteworthy. I would highly recommend Anita for any residential or commercial mortgage work!

  • Anita went above and beyond to assist me with my mortgage. She took her time with me, was patient, and answered all my questions. In addition, she was very easy to get a hold of whenever I needed to get in touch and I never felt pressured. Highly recommend Anita!

  • There is simply no need to go to a bank for a mortgage. You get better guidance, better rates, better service and Anita Faita is exceptional to work with. I'll never use a bank again for mortgages.