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I have been a part of the mortgage brokering industry since 2008. My previous career with a law office for more than 15 years – where I worked on real estate transactions (purchases, sales and mortgages), survey development, estates, accounting, collections and office management – laid a solid foundation for a smooth transition to mortgage brokering.

I have specialized in non-traditional financing for people whose credit has suffered due to life circumstances such as illness or divorce. I am passionate about walking clients through the entire process and helping secure financing for their home and assisting with debt consolidation or restructuring.

By Terrilyn Moore

Kind Words From My Clients

  • “I was going through such a hard time, the banks all turned me down and I was going to lose my home. Thank you Terrilyn for helping me through this and saving my home.”

  • “You’ve been our broker for several adventures now, and I’m sure you’ll be there for the next bunch. You always have our best interests at heart, and work very quickly to get the job done. We truly appreciate your efforts. #terrilynforpresident”

  • “Terrilyn was fast, efficient, approachable & very professional when it came to taking care of my clients home purchase.”

  • “Terrilyn, thank you so much for your wonderful work!”